The OSGi IoT Demo updated and extended for 2017

OSGi Robot

by Mike Francis

The OSGi IoT Demo for the OSGi Community Event and EclipseCon 2017 has been updated and extended to deliver another interesting and informative showcase of OSGi in action in IoT.

Taking the foundations from the last three years of demos we will be using products from multiple vendors, open source projects and Raspberry PI computers to operate and control LEGO® trains running around a track. For 2017, we add a new and exciting dimension: a robot that will interact with the trains.

The robot will be used to load and unload cargo from train carriages and will be fully integrated into the OSGi environment and pluggable train management and control systems. The cargo will be tracked using IoT sensors in each container.

Also new for 2017, we will be using the open.DASH open source dashboard project to bring a new level of visualisation to all of the IoT sensor data we are collecting and using to deliver the demo.

The demo control software has also been updated to take advantage of a number of the new OSGi R7 specifications, including configurator, converter and Push Streams. We will continue to make good use of Kura, MQTT, Bluetooth, Wifi, Infrared and lots of other protocols and technologies integrated together using the core OSGi based system for control and management.

Mike Francis

Looking forward to seeing you at our stand in the exhibition area.

Mike Francis



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