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Create your EclipseCon schedule with the app from EclipseSource. The app provides you with the program organized by track or by date and time with the complete abstract and speaker information. You can locate your destination with the built in maps of the conference venue and its surroundings. Login to during the conference to submit feedback on the talks. Download from these links:

We asked the EclipseSource team to tell us more about the app:

The "Tabris Con" app template is a showcase based on the framework Tabris.js, demonstrating platform-independent development. This native app is written in JavaScript with a single code-base and provided for iOS and Android.

We try to keep the app as simple as possible and look forward to further improve the user experience. Some use case extensions we'd like to introduce in the future which come to mind: social sharing of talks, map navigation and giving more possibilities to sort and filter talks. We also look forward to leverage latest Tabris.js features and best practices.

In case you miss a feature or would like to test drive the code for your event, the app is available on github

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EclipseCon App
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EclipseCon App


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