Welcome Smart Home Day participants!

It was a sellout! Thanks to QIVICON and openHAB for sponsoring and organizing a great event.

EclipseCon + Ludwigsburg = Great Partners

We are pleased to announce a strategic partnership between the Eclipse Foundation Europe and the City of Ludwigsburg that keeps EclipseCon Europe at the Forum am Schlosspark through 2019.

The Foundation's premiere European event has been in Ludwigsburg at the Forum for 11 years, beginning with Eclipse Summit Europe 2007. The conference has grown in size and outreach each year, and the city and the venue have provided the support and flexibility we needed to continue our success.

Read the announcement from the City of Ludwigsburg here.

Download the EclipseCon 2017 App

EclipseCon App

Create your EclipseCon schedule with the app from EclipseSource. The app provides you with the program organized by track or by date and time with the complete abstract and speaker information. You can locate your destination with the built in maps of the conference venue and its surroundings. Login to during the conference to submit feedback on the talks. Download from these links:

We asked the EclipseSource team to tell us more about the app:

The "Tabris Con" app template is a showcase based on the framework Tabris.js, demonstrating platform-independent development. This native app is written in JavaScript with a single code-base and provided for iOS and Android.

We try to keep the app as simple as possible and look forward to further improve the user experience. Some use case extensions we'd like to introduce in the future which come to mind: social sharing of talks, map navigation and giving more possibilities to sort and filter talks. We also look forward to leverage latest Tabris.js features and best practices.

In case you miss a feature or would like to test drive the code for your event, the app is available on github

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EclipseCon App


An invitation from the Science community

by Tracy Miranda

You're invited to join the Science community at EclipseCon Europe. Get involved by participating in:

And the program committee has selected 5 talks from the Eclipse science community:

See you there!

Come to the Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet

  • Monday, October 23, 17:30 (after the Unconference)
  • Theater Foyer at the Forum
  • Beverages and snacks

Please plan to attend the first social event of the week on Monday evening — the Meet & Greet.

New to the conference or community? This casual reception is especially for you. We want to welcome you and connect you to the people in the community that *you* want to meet: project team leads, technical experts, program committee members, Board members, Foundation staffers, conference speakers. When you arrive, just ask your greeter for an introduction to whoever you would like to know.

Returning attendee or longtime community member? The Meet & Greet is also for you. Renew your connections, reach out to new people, and cap off the Unconference with a beer and a snack.

Please pick up your badge at Registration before coming to the Theater Foyer for the Meet & Greet.

Important note for returnees: the Meet & Greet is changing locations, and will be at the Forum.

Java at EclipseCon Europe

by Ian Skerrett

Java 9 is finally out the door and Eclipse is ready, with Java 9 support provided by the Eclipse JDT project. EclipseCon Europe talks will bring you up to speed on trends in the Java world and introduce you to the technologies and ecosystem behind them.

You can hear more about the Java EE move from Oracle to the Eclipse Foundation in these talks:

You may have heard the news that both Java SE from Oracle and J9 from IBM are moving into the open space. Find out more in these talks:

It is exciting to see the Eclipse Foundation become the home for many of the open source communities of Java developers. Be sure to attend EcipseCon Europe to learn more about these key Java trends!

Sponsor Testimonial: Orange Eclipse OM2M contributors

Orange has contributed for several years to Eclipse projects in Smart Home and OM2M, and it’s a great pleasure to be part of the EclipseCon Europe meeting once again. This year is particularly special for Orange because we are officially joining the Eclipse Foundation. Smart home represents for us the natural extension of our core business, telecommunications, and Eclipse represents to us a wonderful community of both open source developers and partners working together to think and built the future of smart home.

The OSGi IoT Demo updated and extended for 2017

OSGi Robot

by Mike Francis

The OSGi IoT Demo for the OSGi Community Event and EclipseCon 2017 has been updated and extended to deliver another interesting and informative showcase of OSGi in action in IoT.

Taking the foundations from the last three years of demos we will be using products from multiple vendors, open source projects and Raspberry PI computers to operate and control LEGO® trains running around a track. For 2017, we add a new and exciting dimension: a robot that will interact with the trains.

The robot will be used to load and unload cargo from train carriages and will be fully integrated into the OSGi environment and pluggable train management and control systems. The cargo will be tracked using IoT sensors in each container.

Also new for 2017, we will be using the open.DASH open source dashboard project to bring a new level of visualisation to all of the IoT sensor data we are collecting and using to deliver the demo.

The demo control software has also been updated to take advantage of a number of the new OSGi R7 specifications, including configurator, converter and Push Streams. We will continue to make good use of Kura, MQTT, Bluetooth, Wifi, Infrared and lots of other protocols and technologies integrated together using the core OSGi based system for control and management.

Mike Francis

Looking forward to seeing you at our stand in the exhibition area.

Mike Francis



Why you and your manager should say yes! to EclipseCon Europe


Five good reasons to bring the team to Ludwigsburg

1. Learn from the experts.

EclipseCon Europe is about the technology creators and developers working with you in workshops and telling their technology stories in talks and demos. You will discover ways to work smarter.

2. Innovate with the community.

Breaks, events, hallway conversations, Q&As all lead to new ideas and new paths to explore in solving your coding challenges.

3. Spread the word about your technology.

Everyone is interested in technology at EclipseCon Europe and everyone has the opportunity to share projects, ideas, and problems with one another.

4. Get answers to complex issues.

You can move forward quickly on complex issues when specialists from various areas are on hand. Create a BoF to present your challenge.

5. Extend your network.

With participants from a wide range of disciplines from all over the world, EclipseCon Europe's open atmosphere encourages making new acquaintances and renewing acquaintances with old friends.


Here's what people are saying about EclipseCon Europe



For more than a decade we haven’t missed a single conference. The networking opportunities are just outstanding and it’s always a great chance to get an early view on the new and upcoming trends in the Eclipse ecosystem.

The itemis EclipseCon Team

EclipseCon Europe is and has always been a great place to meet up with the community, to exchange with experts, and talk about trends, innovations, and new ideas. At EclipseCon everyone works together for a common goal: to keep the IDE competitive and to create new potential for growth to benefit everyone.

- Frederic Ebelshäuser, Yatta Solutions

EclipseCon Europe connects the Eclipse community in the best possible way. You will hear great talks on a wide range of topics, talk to smart and friendly people, enjoy great food and just have a very good time.

Jan Köhnlein, TypeFox


Jigsaw arriving - and now what?

by Stephan Hermann

Learn more about Stephan's talk JDT embraces Java™ 9 - An insiders' view in this co-published blog.

The debate is over. The result of fierce discussions has been declared. Jigsaw is knocking at the door. Now the fate of Jigsaw depends on the community. Will the community embrace Jigsaw? Will we be able to leverage the new concepts to our benefit? Will we struggle with new pitfalls?

Let’s step back a second: do we really know what is Jigsaw? Do we really understand the design, its subtleties and implications?

At EclipseCon Europe 2017 I will try to shed some light on some lesser known aspects of Jigsaw. A deep dive into things I learned as a JDT committer while implementing tool support for Java 9.

In search of the truth

To set the stage, we’ll first have to figure out, who or what defines Java 9 — or Jigsaw — or JPMS. This is both a question of specification vs. implementation as well as a matter of a specification spread over several documents and artifacts. Let’s try to grok Jigsaw from the legally binding sources, rather then from secondary writing and hearsay (if that is possible).

We will have to relearn some of the basic terms, like: what is a package in Java? Do packages form a hierarchy? (I will show, how both answers, yes and no, are equally right and wrong).

Jigsaw is said to do away with some “undesirable” stuff like split packages, and cyclic dependencies. Really? (Yes and no).


Of course, with Jigsaw all is about encapsulation – easy to agree on, but what is it that a Java 9 module encapsulates? Only a deep understanding of the flavor of encapsulation will tell us, what exact qualities we gain from following the new discipline (it’s not about security, e.g.), and also what pains will be incurred on the path of migrating to the new model. (Hint: I will be speaking both about compile time and runtime).

Interestingly, the magic potion Jigsaw also brings its own antidote: With tightening the rules of encapsulation, also the opposite becomes necessary: they call it breaking encapsulation, for which I once coined the term “decapsulation“. I should be flattered by how close Java 9 comes to what I call “gradual encapsulation“. So, the talk can not stop at presenting just the new language concepts, also the various extra-lingual means for tuning your architecture need to be inspected through the looking glass. This is also where tools come into focus: how can JDT empower its users to use the new options without the need to dig through the sometimes cryptic syntax of command line parameters?

Loose ends

At this point we shall agree that Jigsaw is a compromise, fulfilling many of its goals and promises, while also missing some opportunities.

I will also have to say a few words of long standing API of JDT, which makes guarantees that are no longer valid in Java 9. This raises the question: what is the migration path for tools that sit on top of JDT? (There is no free lunch).

Finally, it wouldn’t be Java, if overloading wouldn’t make things worse for the newly added concepts. But: haven’t you become fond of hating, when JDT says:

error_obj The type cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files

We may be seeing light at the end of the tunnel: for Jigsaw we had to revamp the guts of our compiler in ways, that could possibly help to – finally – resolve that problem. Wish me luck …

Hope to see you in Ludwigsburg, there’s much to be discussed over coffee and beer.



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