Eclipse Xpect: Easy Specification, Review, and Testing of Xtext Languages

In this talk I give an introduction to a new Project at Eclipse (1):  Xpect, a framework that allows to embed test expectations into comments inside your Xtext language. The approach is non-intrusive to your code, integrates with JUnit and has a smart editor for the Xpect-specific syntax.

Since Xpect separates DSL-Documents from Java-Test implementations, it becomes incredibly easy to add real-world code snippets to your test suite. You even can use your languages’s Xtext-Editor to edit your test cases.

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Testing Eclipse plug-ins: Tips & Tricks

In this talk we want to share some tips and tricks on how to test Eclipse plug-ins at several stages during the development. In particular, we will show how to do without a running workbench (i.e., without “Plug-in tests”) and without functional testing frameworks (e.g., SWTBot) as much as possible, relying only on plain JUnit tests.

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UI test automation using the Jubula API: the why, the how and the what

Join Markus and Alex in this tutorial to learn how to use the Jubula Client API to write good UI test cases for your application. UI tests aren’t often a favourite pastime for developers, but they do provide useful feedback from the user perspective: they let us know whether the desired workflows are possible via the UI. They are a great addition to other test levels for a well-designed test strategy.

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