Debug Java code like a Pro

Writing code only comes second when talking about the developer work. The main and first task is reading and debugging. For that purpose, the Eclipse Java development tools are wonderful. Its most powerful tools are often unknown though. This talk will help you unleash this power and help you debug your Java code like a pro. The talk will also cover the new debugging features coming with Eclipse 4.8 (code name Oxygen, released last June). So, even if you're an experienced Java programmer, you will learn some tips and tricks.

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About Tycho, Maven, p2 and Target-Platforms: From Pain to Best Practice

This talk shares our experience about setting up Tycho and Maven. Using Tycho and Maven in your build infrastructure can be very beneficial, but first it needs to be set up. In fact, this is the real challenge. Unfortunately, there is no real state-of-the-art or best practice about how to use this technology. Particularly, only little documentation exists. Most likely this is a consequence of everyone’s individual project requirements and thus not allowing for the one ultimate answer.

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Origins of @EclipseJavaIDE and developer-oriented marketing

The account has become a source of daily tips on the Eclipse IDE used by thousands of developers every day. Every month we get between 300'000-350'000 impressions through Twitter alone. That's progress from our days with 4 followers some months ago and shows this was missing.

Sopot Cela is the one taking care of its strategy and will take us into a journey of how it came to be, how it is managed every day and what its plans are.

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