Location Matters: How to make sense of your Big Data.

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Most data have a location component that, once enabled, opens previously unseen avenues of analysis and understanding. This is especially relevant for Big Data management purposes.
Looking at data from a geographical perspective often suggests new insights and explanations often unrecognized without a spatial eye, but vital to understanding and managing activities and resources: to see the unseen.
Thus improving situational understanding, real time monitoring, better decision-making and actionable intelligence. From tracking your assets to remote sensors in a smart city environment, from LiDAR to IoT, a host of new use cases have emerged.

The LocationTech Working Group is the home for Big Spatial Data technology based on their geospatial attributes for the Cloud.
Meet the Working Group’s innovative projects such as GeoGig (versioning/data history), GeoMesa (database) and GeoWave (distributed storage). Building upon Hadoop, Spark and Cassandra you are ready to integrate the latest technology for robust and affordable geospatial solutions, to deploy Big Spatial Data answers to Big Data challenges.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017 - 15:45 to 16:20
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