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Theia is a new open-source project providing a foundation for implementing integrated development environments (IDEs) not only for software developers but all kind of engineers. Based around a flexible layout engine and by leveraging industry standards such as the “Language Server Protocol” clients shall be able to design rich software tools for engineers that run both as a desktop app and in the browser connected to a remote backend (e.g. in Eclipse Che using containers). The framework is implemented in TypeScript and leverages Node.js and Electron to support different architectures. Theia is a collaborative effort of multiple corporations and individuals.

In this session, we will talk about the status quo and the future plans. We will show how Theia can be run as an alternative IDE in Eclipse Che and which features you can expect for the BETA 1.0 release, that is due December 2017.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017 - 11:15 to 11:50
Wayne Beaton (Eclipse Foundation)'s picture

Theia is not an Eclipse project; nor is it based on any Eclipse technologies AFAIK.

What's the hook? How is this talk relevant for EclipseCon?

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Sven Efftinge (TypeFox GmbH)'s picture

Yes, it is not yet an Eclipse project, but it is open-source technology and it solves problems that the Eclipse community and the EclipseCon audience have: Building tools and IDEs with modern technology, that can run locally like the traditional Eclipse IDE or as an IDE within Eclipse Che. I'm pretty sure many attendees at EclipseCon are interested in that.

That said, I wasn't aware that EclipseCon would exclude non-Eclipse technology. At least it didn't do so in the past.

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Wayne Beaton (Eclipse Foundation)'s picture

I'm not on the programme committee. Ultimately, whether or not this is an appropriate talk for EclipseCon is their call.

According to the call for papers, the category that you've put this talk in "is also the track for talks about cloud development and operation tools at Eclipse..."

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Sven Efftinge (TypeFox GmbH)'s picture

I adjusted the talk to give it a focus on the integration with Eclipse Che. Is that better?

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