Eclipse Kapua – The future of the messaging infrastructure

We want to discuss the future of the Kapua messaging infrastructure with you. Brainstorm a bit and get your thoughts and ideas about what the future might hold for Kapua when it comes to pushing around IoT based messages in a scalable fashion.

Location-aware IoT

Are you interested in exploring ways to get the most out of your IoT data? Please join the LocationTech Working Group for a discussion about the ways open source geospatial software is being used to power advancements in everything from self-driving cars and percision agriculture to disaster response and civic engagement. This BoF is a great opportunity for attendees to learn about developer resources/tools that put devices and data in context.

About InnerSource: Leveraging open source best practices inside the company.

In the past 18 months, we have seen a growing interest from large organizations in setting up InnerSource resources and practices.

The main goal of InnerSource is to adopt open source best practices internally in large organizations in order to foster open innovation, reuse code across the boundaries of different business units and retain talented developers.

Reserved for BoF

Submissions have closed for pre-scheduled BoFs. To organize a BoF on site, see the BoF Board by registration.

Committers representation on Eclipse Foundation Board

In this BoF, we'll discuss how Eclipse committers are represented at the Eclipse Foundation board of directors.

Some questions that will be covered:

  • What's the Eclipse Board for?
  • What kind of topics are and can be discussed at the Board?
  • Who is in the Eclipse Board?
  • What are the duties and powers of committer representatives?
  • How can I, as a committer, have my (eligible) concerns raised during a Board meeting?
  • ...

EMFForms, EMF Client Platform, EMFStore, JSON Forms and EDAPT

Meet the project leads of EMFForms, EMF Client Platform, EMFStore, JSON Forms and EDAPT in this interactive and informal session. Discuss your use cases, ask technical questions, discuss new feature requests and most importantly: get to know the people creating the technology as well as other users.

This BoF is being organized by Jonas Helming and Maximilian Koegel of EclipseSource.

Papyrus IC

We kindly invite everyone interested in model-based engineering and modeling technologies to join this interactive and informal session of the Papyrus Industrial Consortium.

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