OSGi Community Event

The OSGi Community Event is the largest OSGi event of the year with a keynote, multiple full tracks, BOFs and other OSGi activities, including an OSGi IoT demo. It features talks on topics ranging from use cases and experiences with OSGi in enterprise, embedded, cloud and IoT environments, to specification updates and tutorials, meet-ups and other informal sessions.

Co-located with EclipseCon Europe 2017, attendees of each conference have full access to both programs.

OSGi provides a vendor-independent, standards-based approach to modularizing Java software applications and infrastructure. Its proven services model enables apps and infrastructure modules to communicate locally and distributed across the network, providing a coherent architecture. OSGi specifications have been extensively field-tested and are ready to use.

The OSGi Alliance provides OSGi specifications, reference implementations, test suites and compliance and certification to foster the OSGi ecosystem. Member companies contribute and create the OSGi specifications and typically use some or all of these for their applications, products, or services. This technical work is achieved using RFPs and RFCs and the ongoing revisions are available from the OSGi design repository at Github: https://github.com/osgi/design. We welcome feedback on this work, and this can be provided through the usual feedback channels: the OSGi Bugzilla system.

We are excited to co-locate with EclipseCon Europe again this year. The extensive use of OSGi technology within the Eclipse ecosystem makes the event an ideal partnership. Eclipse Equinox is the reference implementation for the OSGi Core specification. Equinox RT also provides some OSGi specification reference implementations and OSGi is used in a number of other Eclipse projects. We are also very pleased to have the Eclipse Foundation as a member of the OSGi Alliance.

The OSGi Community Event has proven over many years to be the best opportunity of the year to meet with peers and colleagues to understand and discuss the benefits of OSGi and how it is being used in existing and emerging markets. Talks, tutorials, meet-ups and the numerous social networking activities arm attendees with actionable information.

The OSGi Community Event is a unique opportunity to promote your organization to an OSGi-specific audience, as well as an audience of inherent OSGi users and potential users through Eclipse. Last year, the co-located events drew 600 attendees, including enterprise and embedded software architects, IT decision-makers and developers who are using OSGi or plan to use OSGi.

New for 2017, we have dedicated OSGi sponsorship packages for the Basic and Premium sponsorship level as well as the Elite Dual OSGi and EclipseCon Europe sponsor packages. This provides you with the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your support for OSGi at this co-located event.

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