On Language Servers: Interview with Martin Lippert

Martin Lippert's talk, Implementing Language Servers - the Good, the Bad, the Ugly is an early pick. Martin gives us his thoughts on why language servers are important, what the challenges are and what the future might look like for the technology.

Lippert: One of the most important messages for attendees at EclipseCon with regards to language servers is: if you want to support a language or a framework, a language server IS THE WAY TO GO. The days of hacking your parser, builder, content-assist, and refactoring directly into Eclipse are over.

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More on the program - keynotes and schedule

You've seen the list of talks, but now there's more!

  • The program schedule is on line, so sign up for a tutorial and plan what talks will fill your week
  • Get excited (I know we are!) about the keynote talks: all are experts in their fields, and all will enlighten and challenge us

Project Quality Day 2017

Join us on Wednesday 25th October for the Project Quality Day at Eclipse Con Europe! Over the course of the day, we’ll hear from 7 different speakers about a great balance of topics relating to different aspects of testing. This year, we have talks about testing in Eclipse contexts, good practices for quality in fast-paced delivery contexts, and examples of tooling and methods for functional software testing.

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What our sponsors are saying

Markus Duft, SSI Schaefer IT Solutions, EclipseCon has been a great source of information for us over the past few years. We are using the Eclipse IDE (a quite customized/extended one) to develop Eclipse RCP applications, so the conference has always been a double win for us.

Frederic Ebelshäuser, Yatta Solutions, EclipseCon Europe is and has always been a great place to meet up with the community, to exchange with experts, and talk about trends, innovations, and new ideas. At EclipseCon everyone works together for a common goal: to keep the IDE competitive and to create new potential for growth to benefit everyone.

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Eclipse SUMO: An Interview with Robert Hilbrich

Simulating Autonomous Vehicles and Future Mobility Concepts in Urban Areas, is an early bird pick. Learn more about the project and the presentation from Robert Hilbrich.

Eclipse SUMO is a microscopic transport simulator. SUMO stands for "Simulation of Urban Mobility", so it allows you to simulate the dynamics and interactions of almost all moving objects in a city, also including motorways or waterways. SUMO supports not only passenger vehicles, but also buses, trains, trams, bicycles, motorbikes, pedestrians, ships and even freight containers.

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