Why you and your manager should say yes! to EclipseCon Europe

Five good reasons to bring the team to Ludwigsburg

1. Learn from the experts. 2. Innovate with the community. 3. Spread the word about your technology. 4. Get answers to complex issues. 5. Extend your network.

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Jigsaw arriving - and now what?

by Stephan Hermann

Learn more about Stephan's talk JDT embraces Java™ 9 - An insiders' view in this co-published blog.

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Sponsor Testimonial: Milen Dyankov, Liferay

As Strategic Members of the OSGi Alliance, Liferay is proud to sponsor the OSGi Community Event again and to be among the Eclipse community. ...Join us for three sessions given by Carlos Sierra, "OSGi Meets Lambdas", Milen Dyankov, "Fantastic Java Contracts and Where To Define Them?", and Ray Augé, "CDI and OSGi: So Happy Together!"

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The League of Extraordinary Antipattern

by Dirk Fauth

Read more about Dirk's talk co-presented with Stefan Schlott, The League of Extraordinary Antipattern.

With our background of being consultants for several years, having seen a lot of projects, some years ago we started collecting what is called "bloomers" in literature. Those were the kind of programming misconceptions that made us laugh and cry at the same time.

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Tutorial: What every Eclipse developer should know about Angular

by Maximilian Koegel and Edgar Mueller

Interested in Angular? Maximilian Koegel and Edgar Mueller tell us more about their tutorial .

Many business applications nowadays have at least some web UI parts using server-side rendered, static HTML. With the latest dynamic HTML Javascript frameworks like React, Vue.js, or Ember.js, there is a continuous trend to implement these web front-ends as “single page” applications. While there is a lot of diversity in the JavaScript world, one framework that has become especially popular for business applications, is Angular.

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Sponsor Testimonial: The Itemis EclipseCon Team

...For more than a decade we haven’t missed a single conference. The networking opportunities are just outstanding and it’s always a great chance to get an early view on the new and upcoming trends in the Eclipse ecosystem... Also this year, itemis presents a wide range of Eclipse related, deep technical content. Amongst others, our topics cover Eclipse Modelling technology, Systems Engineering in the Automotive Industry and Machine Learning, ..
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Mutate and Test Your Tests

by Benoit Baudry

I am extremely proud and happy that my talk on mutation testing was accepted as an early bird for EclipseCon Europe 2017. ...In this talk, I will focus on qualitative evaluation of a unit test suite. Statement coverage is commonly used to quantify the quality of a test suite: it measures the ratio of source code statements that are executed at least once when running the test suite. However, statement coverage is known to be a rather weak quality indicator.

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On Language Servers: Interview with Martin Lippert

Martin Lippert's talk, Implementing Language Servers - the Good, the Bad, the Ugly is an early pick. Martin gives us his thoughts on why language servers are important, what the challenges are and what the future might look like for the technology.

Lippert: One of the most important messages for attendees at EclipseCon with regards to language servers is: if you want to support a language or a framework, a language server IS THE WAY TO GO. The days of hacking your parser, builder, content-assist, and refactoring directly into Eclipse are over.

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