Program Is Announced

The wait is over! See the program list here. The detailed schedule will be available soon.

Congratulations to the speakers, and thank you again to everyone who submitted their talks.

Eclipse SUMO: An Interview with Robert Hilbrich

Simulating Autonomous Vehicles and Future Mobility Concepts in Urban Areas, is an early bird pick. Learn more about the project and the presentation from Robert Hilbrich.

Eclipse SUMO is a microscopic transport simulator. SUMO stands for "Simulation of Urban Mobility", so it allows you to simulate the dynamics and interactions of almost all moving objects in a city, also including motorways or waterways. SUMO supports not only passenger vehicles, but also buses, trains, trams, bicycles, motorbikes, pedestrians, ships and even freight containers.

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Interview with Tim Verbelen by the OSGi Alliance Team

Tim Verbelen's talk, Run OSGi on your robot and teach it new tricks, is this year's early bird pick for the OSGi track. He was interviewed by the OSGi team to learn more about his talk and his robot.

....Verbelen: We have been using OSGi in our research lab for quite some time, so the most convenient way to integrate things for research/demos is to write an OSGi service for it. Currently, we are looking into how to process sensory information (e.g. LIDAR, camera, etc.) and translate this into robot control (e.g. to execute a certain task).

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Preview what is in store: Early Bird Picks 2017

Thank you for a great response to the early submission deadline. The program committee had its work cut out for them to select just a handful of early selection talks. Congratulations to our early bird speakers!

More on the tracks this year

by Jonas Helming

The call for papers for EclipseCon Europe 2017 has opened, and it is time to get your submissions in. There are some notable adaptations to the last years. First of all, we extended the Java track to "Java & JDT". Since they are closely connected the combination made sense. For the upcoming Java 9, (no matter when it will actually be released), and also for previous versions of Java, we hope for a lot of interesting submissions in this central track.

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