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Markus Duft Speaker Pitch
Succeed with Eclipse: Large Scale by Markus Duft

At our company we are scaling Eclipse technologies to the large. Not only do we have a whole lot of developers around the globe working with the Eclipse IDE that need to be synchronized and updated, but we also develop really huge applications based on Eclipse RCP (700+ plugins).... More

Philip Wenig Speaker Pitch
RCP 4.x migration - Highlights and Pitfalls (Lessons Learned) by Philip Wenig

It was at the EclipseCon NA 2011 when I first considered a migration of the open source project OpenChrom (https://www.openchrom.net) to the new e4 platform. The new feature set looked really promising and I thought better switching to e4 earlier than later. Then I made the decision to start the migration in December 2011 based on Eclipse 4.1.1. In a retro-perspective view, the decision to migrate was a bit overeager.... More

RalfMollik Speaker Pitch
Managing a large project environment with Jenkins, Gerrit and Brain by Ralf Mollik

In this session we will showcase how Compex manages the continuous integration process for the multi-module Eclipse project Open Standard Business Platform (OSBP), gaining quality, control and confidence. This includes the control of the build process orchestrating amongst others Maven, Nexus, Jenkins, Gerrit, SonarQube as well as the publishing of >80 repositories and >500 bundles.... More

It's Beautiful enRoute by Paul Fraser

This talk will explain to java developers not yet using OSGi, how they can produce output with little knowledge of the underlying technology. A helicopter view of the OSGi enRoute methodology will be explained with a demonstration of the simplicity of bringing non OSGi code into the brilliant enRoute environment.... Read the full abstract

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ABAP Development Tools
ABAP Development Tools – Bringing a server-based programming model to Eclipse by Matthias Becker

In 2008 the ABAP development tools team embarked on a journey to replace the existing toolset with a new modern toolset build on the open Eclipse platform. The aim of this talk is to share the lessons the team learned during the last 8 years and explain the technical details behind them.... More

Non-Negotiable Usability
Non-negotiable usability by Nathalie Cotte

When it comes to create and deliver the best features for target users, usability discussions can go on endlessly. But there are other features to implement in the release, and at some point, this new release must be shipped. So how to make sure you have achieved the minimum usability to avoid rejection.. and even foster adoption?... More

Model to Model - Transforming the Legacy
Model to Model - Transforming the legacy by Johannes Jeising

Our Automotive Eclipse tooling for electronic control units enables realisation of various functionalities for different vehicles. The central part of our IDE is a single holistic EMF model. This model had and still has benefits, but over the years standards evolved and so this core part of our software became bigger and bigger with constantly increasing technical debt.... More

Context-Driven Agile
Context-driven agile - from outsourcing to startup world by Dragan Spiridonov

Being an Agile Tester can be really challenging. I would like to share with you experience from two types of company cultures - outsourcing and startup worlds to help you understand context-driven agile: you introduce testing in different ways in different agile organizations.... More

Powering a live escape game
Powering a Live Escape Game with ECF & e(fx)clipse by Christoph Keimel

During the talk I will show how we used Eclipse technologies to create software for an enhanced live escape game. To demonstrate the system I will show the core riddle of the game: a “bomb disarming simulation” where you physically need to cut the correct cables to disarm it, just like 007 in the movies. That is … if you can pass the fingerprint scanner to open the case!... More

The future of eclipse websites and services
The future of eclipse.org websites and services by Antoine Thomas

At the moment, if you want to have an overview of an Eclipse Community user, you must have a look at many websites: the forums, bugzilla, marketplace, ... That is why at the Eclipse Foundation, we are working on new services ..... More

The future of eclipse websites and services
How To Make Eclipse Rock In The Age Of The Cloud by Frederic Ebelshaeuser

Eclipse Che is hosted in the cloud and uses workspaces containing your projects alongside the necessary runtimes. In this session, I'll show how to manage Eclipse Che and your "traditional" Eclipse installation in conjuction. Additionally, I'll give a demo on how to operate your "traditional" Eclipse IDE and its workspace in the cloud.... More


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