Xtext beyond the defaults - How to tackle performance problems

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Nearly every Eclipse user is aware what Xtext is and what it is useful for. It is always a pleasure to see in which kind of areas it is used.
One reason is clearly, that it is really easy to build a first working example in no time. The grammar alone is sufficient and the rest is done by a code generator. Xtext will generate stub classes, that are ready to fill in individual logic for different areas.
By doing that most of the things just work, because Xtext comes with a lot of defaults that suits in most of the cases.
But as projects get bigger and the amount of models grow, the defaults might not scale and you might need to tweak your language to make working smooth again.
Here it becomes more complicated and you need to understand what’s going on under the covers.

In this session I will go through typical problems and solutions, that we have seen in customer projects. Sometimes it’s a tradeoff to tackle those problems, but it’s important to understand the implications.
For some typical examples I will go into details and explain what’s going on under the covers.
After the session attendees should have an idea how to tweak their own languages and why it might be worth the effort to migrate to a newer version of Xtext.

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Thursday, October 27, 2016 - 13:00 to 13:35

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