Recipes to build Code Generators for Non-Xtext Models with Xtend

The Xtend Language with its Rich String concept is a perfect match to build template based code generators. When using Xtext based models, it is quite easy to implement a generator by implementing the IGenerator interface. The Xtext framework enables integration of such generators in standalone and integrated environments with minimal customization effort.

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Hearing and Feeling Eclipse

Getting started with Eclipse from scratch is challenging, but starting with only hearing Eclipse or feeling it with a Braille display is even more challenging. Blind programmers do not see the graphical interface and cannot use the mouse to operate the IDE. Nevertheless, many blind programmers use Eclipse as their programming environment. Thus, they have to face several problems while working with Eclipse; starting from how to operate Eclipse with a keyboard only, how to change views or perspectives, how to install plugins, how to recognize errors or warnings and many more.

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