The Things Network: Applying Eclipse Technologies to build real Use Cases

The Things Network is a global open crowd-sourced IoT platform built on top of the LoRaWAN standard. It provides extreme long ranges, low power consumption, and low cost, both on infrastructure as on application devices. With this, it is possible to cover a complete city with only a handful of gateways (base stations). 

With the open source software and open source hardware produced by a recent Kickstarter project, and shipped in summer 2016 the project already a list of over 100 communities world wide and continues to grow. Being fascinated by the open approach and the low entry barrier a group of IoT enthusiasts in Zurich decided to implement a complete use case for this new technology.

In this session we first provide an introduction into "The Things Network" project. The main part of the talk is about the story of creating all the necessary pieces to create a real-time noise map for Zurich. For the implementation of the backend application we used the Eclipse Scout framework and the connection to the things network infrastructure involved the Eclipse Paho Java library. We will also demonstrate the real-time noise map with actual hardware in the talk.

As the community in Zurich is moving quickly the last part of the session is dedicated to our latest projects/advances.



(1) So far we did not manage to add the second speaker Gonzalo Casas. This will be fixed soon 

(2) The slides have been used for the demcamp Walldorf. We will update the slides for this presentation. 


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