From stairway to heaven onto the highway to hell with Xtext

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Xtext has revolutionized the way to implement textual DSLs and is used
nowadays successfully in many projects. The framework provides an excellent
documentation and  introductionary examples which allows developers without
even having knowledge about Eclipse plugin development or parser techology to
build sophisticated languages with extraordinary tool support. Advanced users
are even able to build full-blown programming languages for the JVM, like

After getting quite fast forward with a proof of concept of a target
language, the documented path ends and users have to learn to understand
advanced concepts of Xtext sometimes by code archaelogy and debugging. While
advanced Xtext users are used to this and appreciate the framework’s code
quality and flexibilty in design, less experienced developers are scared
about its complexity and experience a steep learning curve.

In this session I will present typical pitfalls we experience in real
projects, when users try to solve requirements with a limited knowledge about
concepts and customization points in Xtext. I will start with examples for
grammar design smells, go over to a discussion on customizings which are
found frequently and closing with examples where Xtext was not the optimal tool to solve the user's requirements.

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Thursday, October 27, 2016 - 11:00 to 11:35
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Hi Karsten,

Could you please publish the slides of your presentaiton. Tx.


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