The Seven Habits of Diverse Communities

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Diversity is key to the long term success of communities and businesses. There is plenty of research that shows diversity promotes innovation and can drive market growth. In the Eclipse community, we do well on some aspects of 'acquired' diversity, which involves traits you gain from experience, for example, people who have worked in different companies in different countries. However, the community does less well on 'inherent' diversity which involves traits you are born with such as gender and ethnicity.

Fortunately there are other communities who achieve good diversity, both acquired and inherent. What can we learn from these to improve our own community? This talk takes a deeper look at the complex topic of diversity, especially in the context of the Eclipse community and how we can continuously improve. It details seven habits diverse communities make use of to keep their communities healthy, innovative and growing. These can be applied not just to open source communities but to our workplaces as well.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016 - 16:30 to 17:05

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