Powering a Live Escape Game with ECF & e(fx)clipse

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During the talk I will show how we used Eclipse technologies to create software for an enhanced live escape game. To demonstrate the system I will show the core riddle of the game: a “bomb disarming simulation” where you physically need to cut the correct cables to disarm it, just like 007 in the movies. That is … if you can pass the fingerprint scanner to open the case!

The setup consists of a frontend built with e(fx)clipse which leverages JavaFX to create a cool “spy” look & feel. The disarming simulation itself uses the Raspberry Pi GPIO to talk to its sensors and actors. And of course you need an operator application to supervise the gameplay. The components use the ECF Implementation of OSGi remote services to communicate in a dynamic system of remote IoT gadgets and JavaFX applications. The presentation will show how these components work together.

All the while the clock will be ticking and it will be up to you to pick up the hints and save the day!

The talk is targeted at enthusiasts who would like to leverage Eclipse technologies to create cool stuff in little time and with a small budget.

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Thursday, October 27, 2016 - 13:00 to 13:35

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