From Open Source Project to Industrial Solution: The role of Papyrus IC

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The Eclipse Papyrus project has been formally created in 2009. Since then, Papyrus and the different related technologies have evolved significantly and many companies are now using Papyrus in an industrial context. However, in spite of the progress made in the recent years both from a development perspective and a community perspective, key aspects were still missing that prevented Papyrus from being considered as a first-choice solution by the industrial, including
Governance and product management to ensure systematic development and long-term viability and evolution
Infrastructure to enable development collaboration and co-financing
Marketing to promote the Papyrus-based solution to ensure its broad adoption in different modeling contexts and applications domains
Establishment of a vibrant community composed of end-users, suppliers, and research/academia to foster innovations and provide the broad spectrum of required capabilities.

The Papyrus Industry Consortium (IC) was recently established to addressed these key aspects.

The founding members of the consortium include Adocus, Airbus Helicopters, Airbus Defence & Space, Atos, CEA List, Combitech/Saab, EclipseSource, Ericsson, Flanders make, Fraunhofer Fokus, OneFact, and Zeligsoft. The Papyrus IC aims to deliver an industrial-grade open source MBE solution for companies developing software intensive systems ranging from embedded software development, enterprise software, Internet of Things (IoT) to cyber-physical systems.

In this talk, we will discuss: the main motivations that led to the creation of the Papyrus IC, the way it is structured and governed, and its main objectives and role for the evolution of Papyrus. We will conclude with the lessons learned in the establishment of the consortium from inception to realization.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016 - 17:00 to 17:35

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