Oomph / oasp4j-ide IDE provisioning - Tackling the challenges of software engineers' daily work!

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The talk will address the challenges of IDE provisioning for industry projects. In specific, providing a preconfigured eclipse by Oomph as well as providing isolated development environments including any binaries like ant, maven, nodejs for each project without using virtual machines. I address the latter point by introducing the oasp4j-ide (https://github.com/oasp/oasp4j-ide). The oasp4j-ide is served as a pre-packed ide for projects developing software based on the oasp4j---the Open Application Standard Platform for Java server development. The oasp4j is a pattern-based reference architecture for Java server application development. The oasp4j-ide enables you to

  • Work in an isolated development environment with all needed binaries for each project
  • Sharing elementary eclipse preferences via a version control system

For provisioning purposes, we extended Oomph by multiple task plug-ins to be able to work on the file system outside of eclipse as well as to download and extract binaries from the internet. All plug-ins are released to the open source. As an ongoing work, we started to fork Oomph to align the installer even more to our needs. We’ll see whether this might result in some contributions in the meantime :)

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Thursday, October 27, 2016 - 11:00 to 11:35

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