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JGit and EGit 4.4 shipped with Neon and publish new releases every 3 months.
Curious what's new and what will come next ?

Many improvements were done in EGit's workbench integration to improve usability.
Developers using the git-flow workflow will be happy to find git-flow commands in
Eclipse. EGit now supports git attributes, hooks and filters to help customizing
git for your project's needs. See how large binary files can be versioned with
JGit's implementation of the Large File Storage extension proposed by GitHub [1]
and stored on the server using Gerrit's LFS plugin using the new LFS support in JGit.
RefTree and Git Ketch were added to provide the basics needed to tackle
distributed JGit solutions.

We'll show some of the new features and give an outlook.


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Wednesday, October 26, 2016 - 10:15 to 10:50

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