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Without a doubt, most of the things you're currently doing manually to configure your Eclipse development environment can be automated with Oomph. You've probably used the Eclipse Installer to create your installations, but Oomph does so much more.  Over fifty projects have completely automated the provisioning of their tailored development environment, the very same one that the developers of those projects use themselves for day-to-day development.  In fact, all the major projects comprising the basic Eclipse SDK have done so.  It's never been easier to contribute to Eclipse projects and of course you can do the same thing for your own development environment.  Install all necessary tools, clone git repositories, import projects from those clones into the workspace, organize those projects into working sets, tailor preferences, configure tools, you name it.

This talk will introduce Oomph's basic concepts and will demonstrate all the new and interesting things you can do to make your daily development experience easier.  Throw away that out-of-date, error-prone, setup guide that you've never properly maintained and replace it with an Oomph setup that does all the tedious work during your coffee break.   New developers and external contributors will love you.  No doubt you will discover a few new tools that will make your life easier.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016 - 14:45 to 15:20

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