Managing a large project environment with Jenkins, Gerrit and Brain

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In this session we will showcase how Compex manages the continuous integration process for the multi-module Eclipse project Open Standard Business Platform (OSBP), gaining quality, control and confidence.

This includes the control of the build process orchestrating amongst others Maven, Nexus, Jenkins, Gerrit, SonarQube as well as the publishing of >80 repositories and >500 bundles.

The Open Standard Business Platform (OSBP) comprises a model-based software factory composed of extensible frameworks, tools and runtime environments for building, deploying and managing business applications across their lifecycles.

Topics discussed:

  • Automated build process from any place and at anytime
  • How visualization can help to keep technical debt under control
  • Avoiding violations of coding standards, duplication blocks, cycles between packages
  • Speeding up the build process with local p2 and Nexus mirrors
  • Peer-review & Eclipse-integrated approval process
  • Automated tests & output packages ready to ship


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Wednesday, October 26, 2016 - 11:00 to 11:35
Florian Pirchner (Lunifera GmbH)'s picture

I know about the build chain Ralf Mollik and Klemens Edler setup for the OSBP project from its beginning. And it is really great work!

Everybody how is involved in build issues should see this talk. I promise, you will love their ideas...

Best Florian

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