ABAP Development Tools – Bringing a server-based programming model to Eclipse (sponsored by SAP)

Major companies run their business on SAP solutions written with the development language ABAP. This development language uses a proprietary server based programming environment. In 2008 the ABAP development tools team embarked on a journey to replace the existing toolset with a new modern toolset build on the open Eclipse platform.

The aim of this talk is to share the lessons the team learned during the last 8 years and explain the technical details behind them.

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What Every Xtext User Wished to Know - Industry Experience of Implementing 80+ DSLs

Avaloq is an internationally leading Fintech company and the creator of the Avaloq Banking Suite. Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) are used to customize the business logic of the banking suite. Xtext is an Eclipse project that provides rich support for the implementation of DSLs. Xtext is very flexible and easily extensible allowing to apply it way beyond simple flowchart DSLs. At Avaloq we used Xtext to implement tools for over 80 DSLs out of which over 50 languages existed long before we learned about Xtext and hence were designed without Xtext implementation in mind.

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Eclipse Tips and Tricks

This talk aims at providing tips and tricks that increases the productivity of the eclipse user  in each of the stages-  Starting with workspaces and projects organization, navigation, editor and through the coding and debugging phases. The new features of Neon will be highlighted at appropriate places in the presentation. The slides are attached. Every section's discussion will be followed by a demo using the Eclipse Neon IDE, highlighting the features discussed in that section.

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N4JS - Sound Static Type System For ECMAScript 2015 And More

One of the biggest challenges presented by large-scale projects is their maintainability over time. Early code validation by means of a static type system ensures that the time and effort required to recognise and diagnose errors is significantly reduced. N4JS is an open-source super-set of ECMAScript and an IDE for N4JS and ECMAScript. It is based on Eclipse technologies, such as EMF and Xtext, an Eclipse project proposal has been submitted. In the talk we will present N4JS and compare it with TypeScript.

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