How to build an effective IoT demo with OSGi

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Physical IoT devices are more exciting than any software user interface and should be central to any demo. Initially attracted by the IoT device, visitors’ are naturally receptive to learn more about the software platform and/or products controlling the solution.

This is why the OSGi Alliance based their IoT demo on a LEGO® train. OSGi and the OSGi enRoute platform had no existing integrations for Lego® trains, but provided a great base for IoT development. The demo showcases how the OSGi ecosystem of open source and commercial products can be used together to build a compelling IoT solution.

This talk reviews the end to end architecture used to deliver the demo and describes how the custom actuators and sensors needed to operate the LEGO® train were constructed and controlled. It also explains the issues encountered and how they were resolved. It then describes how the demo has been evolved for this conference.

The OSGi IoT demo is on display in the exhibition area.  Please visit the demo and try it out for yourself.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016 - 11:45 to 12:20

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