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Introduction to Functional Testing with SWTBot and Maven/Tycho

SWTBot is an open-source Eclipse project for functional testing of SWT applications. SWTBot provides a Java API for specifying the behavior of the UI application to test, thus it is a purely programmatic approach to UI testing. Differently from other functional testing frameworks, like Jubula and RCP Testing Tool, you do not specify the expected behavior using a visual editor and a model representing the actions to perform on the application under test: you write a standard JUnit test using SWTBot fluent Java API, which hides most of the complexities of SWT and Eclipse.

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How we reached 0 technical debt in our Eclipse project

In this talk we would like to tell our story in testing our Eclipse project, EMF Parsley, and how we used code quality tools like Sonarqube to reach 0 technical debt.

EMF Parsley is an Eclipse project that provides a framework for quickly developing user interfaces based on EMF models. The framework allows for customization via dependency injection. It also provides an Xtext based DSL to quickly and cleanly configure and customize the UI components.

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