Get to the peak – A trail to scalable functional UI tests

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Get to the peak – A trail to scalable functional UI tests

Functional test automation tool developers sell one big promise:
It is easy to create tests with their tool using capture and replay or keyword driven testing. In reality it is possible to get going quickly, but test projects become increasingly inefficient when

  • The project gets larger
  • More testers get involved
  • The project is older than a year
  • Your application changes

The reason is quite simple. Testing tools focus on technical aspects to control the application. They don’t have many (if any at all) restrictions on your test design. Individual users are left to decide how to make their test specification ready for

  • Readability
  • Reusability
  • Collaborative working
  • Different roles in the project
  • Using test artifacts for other purposes
  • Asserting the value of your tests

In this talk I will present some examples and a technique for designing automated functional UI that splits relevant aspects of the test process and internal structure by

  • role
  • functional cohesion
  • level of abstraction

In this methodology, the tester focuses on understanding and modelling the structure of the application from a functional perspective. Test automators design tests hierarchically using contracts between each layer.
This technique can be used to build a test specification that’s automatically verifiable using e.g. static analysis. It is also easier to read and understand. Every tester in the project is empowered to work on test automation and to know how to create automated tests in the right place and according to specific rules. This way test projects become scalable and less likely to fail.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016 - 17:00 to 17:35
Alexandra Schladebeck (BREDEX GmbH)'s picture

Hi Felix,

a question came up from the program committee about which tools are involved. Can you add a few comments please?



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Felix Ziesel (BREDEX GmbH)'s picture

Hi Alex,


the methodology is a structural approach and has no tool dependencies. However we are working in our projects with a java implementation using Selenium and the Jubula java API.




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