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In order to have proper CSS styling one has to do it in the "right" place and this place is the drawing library itself aka SWT in the Eclipse case. To give a little teaser - button effect as can be seen in the attached video achieved by setting the following style to the button:

"button { border-style: solid; border-radius: 5px;}

button:hover { transition: width 2s, height 2s, background-color 2s, transform 2s; border-radius: 50px;}"

No custom drawing code at SWT layer needed at all.

The approach presented shares nothing with the E4 CSS one but eventually rewriting E4 CSS on top of it should be possible to overcome the limitations it hit in terms of functionality and speed.

Introduction to current limitations, ways to overcome them and a brief talk on how a public API might look will be done too.

We will also see how to enable this hidden gem in Eclipse Neon and in pure SWT applications (feature simply missing by now).

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016 - 17:45 to 18:20

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