Recipes to build Code Generators for Non-Xtext Models with Xtend

The Xtend Language with its Rich String concept is a perfect match to build template based code generators. When using Xtext based models, it is quite easy to implement a generator by implementing the IGenerator interface. The Xtext framework enables integration of such generators in standalone and integrated environments with minimal customization effort.

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Xtext for Beginners

Xtext makes it easy to develop programming and domain-specific languages and tooling for them. It includes a basic language infrastructure consisting of a parser, linker, and compiler, as well as advanced features such as Java integration, symbol indexing, incremental building, and editing support for different platforms. Starting from version 2.11, in addition to Eclipse, Intellij IDEA and the Web support, Xtext comes with a Language Server Protocol implementation that opens a way to new platforms such as Eclipse Che and VSCode. 

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Six good reasons to spice up your projects with EMF Parsley

EMF Parsley allows for easy and straightforward UI building starting from EMF Models; it provides a set of reusable UI components (trees, tables, forms, editors), which are completely customizable, and an Xtext/Xbase based DSL editor for defining/customizing the UI components, which then can be used by your application with few lines of code.

Here is why you should use it in your projects:

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KOMMA: Modeling with RDF and linked data

KOMMA is an RDF-based modeling framework for Eclipse. It is based on OpenRDF Sesame (now Eclipse RDF4J) for the underlying data management and the connection to different triple stores (RDF databases). KOMMA is for RDF what EMF is for ECore.

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