Embedded Java: create an application for microcontrollers using the Edje library

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In this lightning talk session we will provide an update on the Edje project and introduce our demos on the IoT Playground.

The Edje project defines a standard high-level Java API called Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) for accessing hardware features delivered by microcontrollers (MCU) such as GPIO, DAC, ADC, PWM, etc. that can directly connect to native libraries, drivers and board support packages provided by silicon vendors with their evaluation kits.

MCUs are small low-cost low-power 32-bit processors designed for running software in resource-constrained environments: low memory (typically KB), flash (typically MB) and frequency (typically MHz).

This talk will provide a short introduction to the concepts and API defined in the Edje library. It will continue with a short tour of an application written against the Edje API, that reads digital and analog inputs from a Ywrobot Arduino shield (Easy Module Shield V1) connected to an STM32 evaluation board (STM32F746GDISCOVERY). This will show how Edje applications can be developed using MicroEJ Studio, the simulator and the STM32 evaluation board.

For more details on the development process and tools, and for a more extensive demo, attendees will be invited to see the MicroEJ booth on the IoT Playground, the next day.

By the time of the EclipseCon Europe conference, the first reference implementation of Edje on MicroEJ should be released and available for anyone to play with.

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