Eclipse + Maven + OSGi has never been so easy

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We started to develop our first maven plugin in 2013 to accelerate the development iterations of OSGi and to support Test Driven Development. In the last three years, lots of functionality were introduced in our custom developed toolchain. The icing on the cake is the Eclipse plugin that allows developers to start, stop and upgrade their custom OSGi environment from the IDE.

Everything is based on Maven. Developers must customize their OSGi environment in the pom descriptor. OSGi bundles are collected from the dependency tree of the project. Artifacts with multiple versions are supported.

While there are some pre-defined OSGi environments, developers can create new packages. Our goal is not only to help programmers who work with nature OSGi containers, but also the ones who must develop based on complex platforms like Liferay.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016 - 14:45 to 15:20

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