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Getting to the Next Level with Eclipse Concierge

Eclipse Concierge provides a clean, small and lightweight implementation of the OSGi core framework specification, specifically tailored to embedded systems and IoT. In this talk, we will cover how to use and deploy the Concierge OSGi framework (e.g. using OSGi enRoute), and discuss many of the new and upcoming features in the Concierge project such as the OSGi REST interface and Cloud Ecosystems reference implementations.

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Industry 4.0 with Eclipse Kura

In Industry 4.0, different types of isolated and optimized sensors, machines, and instruments of varying vintage will emerge as a fully integrated, automated, and optimized production flow, leading to greater efficiencies and changing traditional production relationships among suppliers, producers, and customers. In the IoT context, Eclipse Kura is a Java/OSGi application container framework that enables remote management of IoT service gateways and provides a wide range of APIs that simplify the development of IoT applications.

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Embedded Java: create an application for microcontrollers using the Edje library

In this lightning talk session we will provide an update on the Edje project and introduce our demos on the IoT Playground.

The Edje project defines a standard high-level Java API called Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) for accessing hardware features delivered by microcontrollers (MCU) such as GPIO, DAC, ADC, PWM, etc. that can directly connect to native libraries, drivers and board support packages provided by silicon vendors with their evaluation kits.

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