Eclipse: 11 years of on-schedule releases, the releng making-of

How does the Eclipse Platform build work? What are the challenges?

We will first explore the structure of the Eclipse Projects (Platform, JDT, PDE, etc.) and show how you can build it and test it locally. You will learn how the projects are aggregated for build and test, and how it is still possible to have modular, individual builds, to shorten single-project testing time.

Then we will study how from Callisto in 2006 with 10 projects to Neon in 2016 with 84 projects, the Eclipse community has shipped a coordinated release of multiple Eclipse projects - on time - eleven times in a row.
What happens behind the scenes? What does the SimRel aggregation build do? What is a "+1" offset? What does "b3" stand for? What is required to join the Release Train?
In the second part of the talk we will answer these questions and give an overview of how the Simultaneous Release works, from planning to the "end-game".

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Thursday, October 27, 2016 - 10:15 to 10:50

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