CDT: Latest & Greatest Tooling for C/C++

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The CDT project features advanced tooling support for C & C++ development. It is a mature project that is constantly evolving to support its users needs. It is widely used and adopted as part of other initiatives such as Polarsys. Technology like the CDT indexer heavily influences the upcoming dramatic speed improvements to the JDT indexer.

This talk presents some of the latest and best features of the C/C++ Development Tools. This includes:
• Debug features: new source lookup, dprintf, reverse debugging
• CDT indexer & improvements
• Codan (code analysis) improvements
• Mulitcore debug features
• Using Docker containers
• and more

With the removal of the old C Debugger Interface (CDI) we also give a few pointers if you are looking to migrate to the DSF debug framework.

We also look forward to upcoming features that are being actively developed
• Enhanced GDB Console
• New build system
• Future debug features, including multicore

The CDT project is one of the most diverse and open projects in the community, so this talk also encourages you to join in the developments and drive it forward.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016 - 10:15 to 10:50

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