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Models are efficient for capturing enterprise knowledge at a high level of abstraction, independent of technical concerns. Using the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF), I can generate an Eclipse editor for my model with the click of a button and instantly explore it.  But once I've iterated on the model design, I might want to develop a more sophisticated application based on it.  Many technical aspects are likely not addressed by the basic generated editor application.  So modeling didn't eliminate all technical aspects, it just allowed me to defer those aspects until later.

What if I need to support multiple threads that cooperate well when modifying and viewing my model?  What if real data are orders of magnitude larger than the sample data I used with the design prototype?  How do I store this data and even broadcast changes to the other users of my application?  Can I prevent multiple users from accidentally modifying the same object?  Suddenly I'm faced with a barrier of challenging problems, until I discover that the Connected Data Objects (CDO) framework provides me with a sophisticated platform that addresses these problems.

In this presentation we'll explore how best to employ the runtime aspects of these frameworks to build a scalable, transactional, and distributed application for your modeled data with just a few additional mouse clicks.

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Thursday, October 27, 2016 - 13:45 to 14:20

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