Building a Smarter Eclipse IoT Greenhouse with Eclipse Vorto, Kura, Californium and Paho

The official Eclipse IoT tutorial uses Kura, Paho and Californium together with a Raspberry Pi, a temperature and a humidity sensor to implement a simple IoT example based on Eclipse IoT projects. This session goes one step further and shows how you can implement a much bigger example that leverages the power of OSGi and uses more sensors (gas, luminance, air pressure, proximity) and also some actuators (LCD display, water pump, LED strip, buzzer). Vorto is being used to provide the model of the smart greenhouse. Some code generators consume those models from the public Vorto repository and create a big part of the smart greenhouse software. The software is available as open source (EPL) on a public Bitbucket repository. It includes software that runs on the Raspberry Pi gateway (Kura, Californium, Paho and OSGi) and also a server part (Paho, Californium and Java EE 7) that stores the sensor data in a database.

The real smart greenhouse, based on a mini greenhouse from IKEA, will be brought along and demonstrated. You will learn how easy it is to make use of core Eclipse IoT projects and to make them work together well. And what is more: you can do it yourself when you are back home from the conference.

Please note that a similar presentation was already held at this year’s Java Forum Stuttgart (July 2016). During that presentation, Vorto was only mentioned. For the EclipseCon conference, Vorto will play a central role, though.


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