Building the IoT Cloud with Eclipse IoT

With analysts predicting millions of connected devices, there is a growing need for an open source IoT cloud solution which can connect and manage edge devices. Such solution should enable developers to quickly integrate their devices and backend services, preventing the need to solve recurring problems and create silo applications. This session will present open source IoT cloud platform built within Eclipse IoT.

Eclipse Kapua is a modular integration platform for IoT devices and smart sensors that aims at bridging Operation Technology with Information Technology. It aims to fill the gap between the complex and fragmented world of the IoT devices with the enterprise IT infrastructure. Kapua provides services for management of edge devices (such as device configuration and life-cycle for example) and handling data produced by them. Device data streams can be processed using real-time analytics engines, stored in big data storage or flexibly routed towards enterprise IT systems. Connectivity is another piece needed for the successful IoT story. That's where Eclipse Hono project steps in and provides a cloud-scale messaging tailored for IoT use-cases.

During the talk we would like to introduce the new Eclipse Kapua project, its architecture, services, modularity, and deployment options. We would also like to explain how Eclipse Hono solves IoT connectivity challanges and how it can fit into the Kapua architecture. This synergy should provide a poweful open source IoT platform that can solve even the most challenging IoT applications.

The talk will also offer a short demo of connecting and managing field devices powered by Eclipse Kura. Finally, we will explore synergies and interactions with other Eclipse IoT projects.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016 - 14:00 to 14:35

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