Adding Angular 2 to Your Java EE Stack - A Primer

Eclipse Java EE is ubiquitous in the enterprise but there is a growing demand for first-class "Modern Web" applications. No more is a basic HTML front-end enough to meet customer demands. Despite a plethora of available web stacks, Angular 2 with TypeScript is the perfect companion for Java EE - ideal for Enterprise-class developers.

In this talk, we introduce how Eclipse Java EE developers can quickly begin using Angular 2, including how to use popular Bootstrap templates. We will show how slick new CLIs help the developer workflow and equally importantly how plugins like “angular2-eclipse” and new features released in Eclipse Neon provide a rich development stack for the next generation Full Stack developer.

If you are a Java EE and Eclipse developer looking to integrate Angular 2 into your dev repertoire, this talk is for you. We’ll show how in just 35 minutes you can take your first steps to getting started with the next generation technologies you need to know.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016 - 11:45 to 12:20

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