Orion and The Language Server Protocol, The Perfect Couple(ing) (sponsored by IBM)

Today, Orion provides first class support for JavaScript in the browser and on the server using tooling that is built into Orion.  The Language Server Protocol (LSP) is mechanism that encapsulates high level IDE functionality.  LSP allows editors to support language tooling such as auto complete and find references, without knowing the particulars of the language.  By adopting LSP, any LSP-ready language can be easily supported, not just JavaScript.  During this talk we will discuss LSPs and Orion, why we can't live without them, and preview a JDT language server, running in Orion.

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Node4J: Running Node.js in a JavaWorld (sponsored by EclipseSource)

Node.js and server side JavaScript are powerful technologies, although they do not stand on their own in enterprise environments, where Java has been the reigning force for many years. Bridging Node.js and Java provides a much sought after migration path for many Java developers who are moving to their systems to JavaScript. Last year we opened sourced J2V8, a rich set of bindings for Google's V8 JavaScript runtime, this year we built upon that work to bring Node.js to JVM.

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ABAP Development Tools – Bringing a server-based programming model to Eclipse (sponsored by SAP)

Major companies run their business on SAP solutions written with the development language ABAP. This development language uses a proprietary server based programming environment. In 2008 the ABAP development tools team embarked on a journey to replace the existing toolset with a new modern toolset build on the open Eclipse platform.

The aim of this talk is to share the lessons the team learned during the last 8 years and explain the technical details behind them.

The talk will:

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Compose and run new services without programming experience, with CHOReVOLUTION Eclipse-based Studio (sponsored by OW2)

The CHOReVOLUTION Studio is a new Eclipse-based IDE for service providers and IoT business users. Based on BPMN2 diagrams and modelling, it provides a dynamic and secure choreography of web services, without requiring multithreading skills. The CHOReVOLUTION technologies cover all the steps from inception, to design, implementation and deployment in the cloud. First use cases are related to Urban Traffic Control and Smart Tourism. CHOReVOLUTION has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

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Streamline IoT development with Eclipse and ThingWorx (sponsored by ThingWorx)

ThingWorx is an enterprise-ready technology platform that enables developers to rapidly build and deploy smart, connected solutions for the Internet of Things. In order to enhance the functionality of the ThingWorx platform, we utilize “extensions”. Created by our ecosystem of partners and developers, these building blocks are used to deliver new services or applications for the ThingWorx platform.

ThingWorx has created an Eclipse Plugin to enable developers to focus on their feature development, leaving the structural backbone of extensions to us.

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How To Make Eclipse Rock In The Age Of The Cloud (sponsored by Yatta)

Eclipse Che is the next generation open source Eclipse IDE. Eclipse Che is hosted in the cloud and uses workspaces containing your projects alongside the necessary runtimes: Instead of setting up the required environment - like databases, applications servers, or third party libraries -  everything you need for your project to run is already associated with your workspace.

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