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Embedding Xtext in Your Website

Xtext is a language development framework that comes with web browser support. Its JavaScript-based API allows you to add language-specific features such as code completion and live validation to a text editor embedded in a website. In this session we will share our experience with Xtext’s web support gathered in the first year after its release (November 2015). We will show and explain how you can implement different use cases such as:

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What every Java developer should know about AngularJS

Many business applications nowadays have a least some web UI parts using server-side rendered, static HTML. With the upcome of dynamic HTML Javascript frameworks like Ember.js or backbone.js, there is a continuous trend to implement those web front-ends as “single page” applications. While there is a lot of diversity in the JavaScript world, one framework has become especially popular for business applications, that is AngularJS. It allows to extend HTML by dynamic behaviour and provides essential concepts for developing single page web applications.

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Build your responsive HTML5 single page applications with Eclipse Scout

Learn how to write good looking HTML5 applications in Java with the Scout framework.

With the Neon release of the Scout framework you can now build modern HTML5 applications. Out of the box your HTML5 frontend will runs on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Developers attending the tutorial should bring solid experience with the Java language. As Scout applications (including the frontend) are implemented in Java, only minimal knowledge regarding HTML5/CSS3/Javascript is required.

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Building an extension for Eclipse Che - an experience report

Eclipse Che is a cloud-based IDE including online workspace management. As all Eclipse projects, it is open source as well as extensible with custom plugins. Some of Ches’ language tooling already reuses existing Eclipse frameworks, such as JDT for the Java support or Orion for the code editor.
Therefore, we wondered, can we enable the EMF tooling to run online in the cloud?
Our goal was to create an Ecore editor for the Che IDE, to enable code generation and potentially even facilitate other EMF features, such as a generic editor.

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Building Full-stack Applications with Open Source Technologies

In this session we present a complete multi-user task-management application built with open source technologies. The goal of the chosen technologies is to make the life of the application developer as simple as possible while keeping it flexible enough to implement large and complex business applications.

The technology mix includes the following components: Eclipse Scout, Spring Boot and Docker.

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Tuleap and Mattermost - new tools for Eclipse project

Eclipse has always been a place of open innovation and collaboration. However, the bug tracking system, a key enabler of collaboration and open-ness, has been stuck with a feature set from the 90ies making it hard to communicate plans and priorities to the outside world.

In order to help address these issues, Tuleap, an open-source ALM has been installed at the Eclipse Foundation.
In this session, come and learn about Tuleap and how it can serve your project.

The session will present:

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Native mobile applications with Dirigible and Tabris

This talk will explain how to develop native iOS and Android applications with Eclipse Dirigible leveraging Tabris.js mobile framework. 

First a demo will be shown on how to create a project from scratch with a single data structure and a RESTful service. Next, a mobile application will be created which will call the backend RESTful service and will vizualize the result. 

Afterwards it will be explained why were these technologies chosen, architecture and concepts behind these technologies and future delivery plans for the mobile applications.

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