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From Open Source Project to Industrial Solution: The role of Papyrus IC

The Eclipse Papyrus project has been formally created in 2009. Since then, Papyrus and the different related technologies have evolved significantly and many companies are now using Papyrus in an industrial context. However, in spite of the progress made in the recent years both from a development perspective and a community perspective, key aspects were still missing that prevented Papyrus from being considered as a first-choice solution by the industrial, including
Governance and product management to ensure systematic development and long-term viability and evolution

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Embedded Modeling at Eclipse - a tale of two dialects

The most observant amongst you may have noticed that there are two "competing" Eclipse open source products to develop models for embedded systems and that both are part of both the Eclipse PolarSys Working Group and of the Eclipse Papyrus Industry Consortium!

These projects are:

    * Eclipse Papyrus for Real Time, implementing UML-RT

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What Every Xtext User Wished to Know - Industry Experience of Implementing 80+ DSLs

Avaloq is an internationally leading Fintech company and the creator of the Avaloq Banking Suite. Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) are used to customize the business logic of the banking suite. Xtext is an Eclipse project that provides rich support for the implementation of DSLs. Xtext is very flexible and easily extensible allowing to apply it way beyond simple flowchart DSLs. At Avaloq we used Xtext to implement tools for over 80 DSLs out of which over 50 languages existed long before we learned about Xtext and hence were designed without Xtext implementation in mind.

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M2M – Transforming the Legacy

Our Automotive Eclipse tooling for electronic control units enables realisation of various functionalities for different vehicles. The central part of our IDE is a single holistic EMF model. This model had and still has benefits, but over the years standards evolved and so this core part of our software became bigger and bigger with constantly increasing technical debt.

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Oomph / oasp4j-ide IDE provisioning - Tackling the challenges of software engineers' daily work!

The talk will address the challenges of IDE provisioning for industry projects. In specific, providing a preconfigured eclipse by Oomph as well as providing isolated development environments including any binaries like ant, maven, nodejs for each project without using virtual machines. I address the latter point by introducing the oasp4j-ide (

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