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Modeling Avengers : Open Source Technology Mix for Saving the World

Planet earth is facing massive challenges:  global warming and scarcity of natural resources among others. Those challenges are reaching a level of complexity unknown yet and trying to address those requires deep scientific understanding, real world data,  specialized tools, inter-disciplinary collaboration and the ability to evaluate “What If” scenarios.

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Schedule your micro-services on Docker Swarm and a cluster of Raspberry Pis with a Sirius-based workflow designer

Lightweight containers technologies such as Docker are more and more adopted for deploying and managing micro-services architectures. Indeed, they hide a part of the complexity resulting from the language heterogeneity and the large choice of existing implementation frameworks that can be used to implement modern applications. Containers provide those benefits without introducing the general cost of the virtualization.

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Sirius 4.1 : Let Me Sirius That For You!

The Sirius 4.1 version available in the Eclipse Neon release brings a significant number of new features that empowers the developer to create impressive designers.
This new release represents countless hours of hard work encapsulated in both the Sirius and EEF projects.
During this talk, we’ll have a look at a handful of the new features available in this release:

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Sirius Workshop: let's create a graphical modeling editor for a robot!

Eclipse Sirius is the project that makes it easy to create custom graphical modeling workbenches dedicated to specific business domains.

In this tutorial, you will see how to create a diagram editor to define the choreography of a Mindstorms robot. Based on a graphical language, this tool will allow you to define and combine the different steps of a choreography executed by a Lego Mindstorms: going forward, turning, grabbing or releasing the object, …

The workshop is composed of four steps:

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The Eclipse Layout Kernel

Graphical editors are a popular means to visualize concepts and architectures through the design of a diagram. More and more solutions follow this approach, among them Papyrus, Sirius, or Capella. However, for diagrams to be useful, their elements have to be carefully positioned. Only then do they convey their intended meaning quickly and accurately.

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