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IoT is stronger than ever, and Open IoT is an important part of the Eclipse ecosystem. So we are happy to bring you the third installment of the IoT Playground at EclipseCon Europe / OSGi Community Event.

Playground hours are Wednesday, October 26, 12:30 to 20:00.

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Obeo: Robot Contest

Use a diagram editor made with Eclipse Sirius to win the LEGO™ Mindstorms contest! Design the best robot choreography by combining the different steps: going forward, turning, measuring the distance to an object, detecting its color, grabbing or releasing the object, etc.

MicroEJ: The Edje Project

MicroEJ will show how developers can use MicroEJ Studio to perform live updates to demo code. The demo was developed with a mix of Eclipse IoT technologies (Californium, Edje, Leshan, Mosquitto and Paho) and features hardware peripherals driven by applications written in Java, using the reference implementation of Edje available on top of MicroEJ OS.

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IoT Education Kit: Hands-on MEMS, MQTT,and LoRaWan

Meet OCTOPUS, the IoT Education Kit, which gives insight into core IoT components, processes, and technologies (sensors, data transmission, power management, MEMS, LoRaWAN, MQTT). It’s simple enough for everyone to play, and we will be there to help, answer questions, and hear your ideas too. We have 10 kits, so space is limited.

The kit is based around the famous ESP8266 SoC and includes the latest sensors from Bosch. We will also use ArduBlock (an Eclipse-based extension to the Arduino IDE) for a visual, block-based coding experience. Tutorials in German are available here, with English versions to follow:

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APP4MC: Developing a Multicore RC Car

Explore the potential of the APP4MC platform when used to control a radio-controlled car. Implemented features include visual traffic cone detection and ultrasonic sensor-based obstacle detection. The platform creates models with various configurations and timing behaviors that can be observed and investigated, as well as selected and combined into different features of the car.

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PolarSys: Meet the PolarSys Rover

The Rover was introduced at the 2015 IoT Playground. We had fun moving the Rover's tracks with cross-compiled C code executed on a Raspberry Pi. Now the adventure continues with a PolarSys project. This year we will work on the tool chain from models to code, hack and debug with tools like TraceCompass, race between rovers, and more.


symbIoTe: Towards IoT Platform Interoperability

The H2020 symbIoTe project demonstrates an early prototype for registering, searching, and accessing IoT sensors managed by different platforms via REST interfaces using a common language. Visitors will see how a wearable air quality sensor becomes part of the symbIoTe ecosystem, and can perform custom queries to access sensor data. symbIoTe creates an interoperable IoT ecosystem. The demo showcases the essential interoperability concept: semantic and syntactic interoperability. This means that IoT platforms open up (authorized) access to their devices, while app developers can create innovative cross-platform applications without the need to operate and maintain the end-to-end IoT infrastructure.

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fortiss: AutoFOCUS3


The AutoFOCUS3 team will demo how both a safety-critical application and a resource-demanding application can run on the same multicore board without affecting each other. Visitors can control the safety-critical application via gamification (interaction with your hand) using different sensors. The code runs PikeOS generated by AutoFOCUS3 ( that enables model-based development of the system.

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OSGi: Get on Board with OSGi

OSGi is bringing back the LEGO train track in a new and expanded version. Features include attendee participation via a ticketing and route-planning engine engineered by iMinds to include stations and virtual passengers using RFID tags communicating via MQTT. The inclusion of Eclipse Kura, along with gateways from Bosch Software Innovations, Eurotech, Paremus, and Makewave, provide opportunities to interact with OSGi-enabled sensors and see how the power of OSGi can be brought to life for IoT.


AGILE: An Adaptive and Modular Gateway for the Internet of Things

The AGILE IoT Gateway project will provide a set of RESTful APIs and user interfaces for interacting with IoT devices. Visitors are invited to play with BLE sensors (like a TI Sensortag or a heartbeat sensor) and make them interact with ZigBee devices (connected lamps). The application logic can be defined programmatically on the gateway using our API and your favorite programming language, or our graphical workflow interface based on Node-RED (

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W3C at Web of Things: Interoperable Open-Source Building Blocks

Learn about open source projects supported by Siemens realize W3C's Web of Things ( WoT seeks to counter the fragmentation of the IoT through standardized Web technology and complementing building blocks: semantic Thing Description, polyglot Scripting API, and uniform Protocol Bindings. Siemens will show how these can enable easy integration across different platforms in automation scenarios.

IncQuery Labs: MoDeS3 Project

Visitors are invited to test embedded safety-critical functions of a remote-controlled railway using the LeapMotion gesture recognition system. The train layout is installed at a university lab, and visitors will interact with it via a live video stream. Those who find hidden bugs in the system will get a prize.

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Nextcloud: The Nextcloud Box

The Nextcloud Box comes with Ubuntu Snap. See how the Nextcloud Box was built and designed, and learn how to improve and hack the Box with open source software.

Playground Committee

Philippe Krief
Benjamin Cabé
Laurent Lagosanto
Andreas Benzing
Sascha Wolter


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