The program committee had to choose - now it's your turn!

by Jonas Helming

After several busy weeks, the PC has finally selected the talks and tutorials for EclipseCon Europe 2016. I would like to thank all members of the PC for their great work and all submitters for their proposals.

I am sorry we had to reject so many talks. We tried hard to provide a meaningful declined comment, so that people might understand our reasoning. In some cases, it was very difficult to decide though - we liked the submission, but we just liked others a bit more or had to think about the overall balance of topics throughout the conference.

It was amazing to see the diversity and quality of the submitted talks. We could have easily extended the conference by one or two days and still filled them with interesting slots. This might be worth a thought for next year.

The program reflects the diversity and strength of the Eclipse ecosystem. We are looking forward to interesting sessions about classic Eclipse technologies and tools, a strong web and cloud track, experience reports from industry, science talks and much more. Some special highlights for me are (among others):

  • The strong Java 9 track, especially the discussion "Jigsaw vs. OSGi" and Eclipse Java 9 support
  • The diverse content about JavaScript, cloud tooling, Angular and much more
  • Talks about cross-cutting topics, such as usability, performance, open source and the community
  • The presence of most major Eclipse projects including the Eclipse Platform, Git CDT, the modeling community and Xtext

On top of that, we have very good content for the IoT theme day and the project quality day. So be prepared for a hard time when selecting the talks you want to attend at EclipseCon Europe 2016!

Congratulations, Early-Bird Speakers!

The program committee has chosen these talks for early acceptance. Thanks to everyone who submitted early; there are already lots of great proposals in the system! The final submission deadline is Monday, July 18.

  1. OSGi on High Speed Trains in Germany - Roland Ndaka Fru
  2. Adding Angular 2 to Your Java EE Stack - A Primer - Wojciech Galanciak
  3. Testing Eclipse Plug-ins: Lessons from the Field - Elliotte Rusty Harold
  4. Powering a Live Escape Game with ECF & e(fx)clipse - Christoph Keimel
  5. Arduino, Qt, and IoT with the Eclipse C++ IDE - Doug Schaefer
  6. OSGi and Java 9 Modules Working Together - Neil Bartlett
  7. Optimising Eclipse Plug-ins - Alex Blewitt

The Project Quality Day is calling – and here’s why you should answer!

by Alexandra Schladebeck

For the third year running, Eclipse Con Europe will offer a full-day event dedicated to quality – the Project Quality Day on Wednesday 26th October. The call for papers is now open, and it’s my mission to encourage you to submit. Here’s why:

Quality affects everyone and is everyone’s business. No, really, it is :) Whether you’re a lone tester, part of a giant test team, a developer who needs to “just check” some fixes or features, or a project lead looking at your new and noteworthy – quality is part of your work.

And I don’t just mean quality in the sense of test execution – I mean everything from code reviews to quality in the process to working with continuous anything.

The past two Project Quality Days have proven that quality talks are interesting for the Eclipse community. We’ve had excellent testing stories and advice. We’ve talked about huge automatic refactorings, the science of user experience, your project as a city, and even about testing while tired.

So tell us your quality story! How is testing done in your project? What have you tried? What has worked (and what hasn’t)? Which methods and tools do you use? What are your war stories?

The only limiting factor for talks is that we’re more interested in practical quality as opposed to theoretical explanations. We like case studies, examples and demos. Apart from that, feel free to tell us about your experiences, challenges and victories in areas like:

  • Unit, Integration, System and Acceptance testing
  • Functional and non-functional testing (e.g. security, performance, …)
  • Testing in difficult or bleeding-edge situations – challenges in IOT testing for example
  • Integrating testing into the team via tools (Continuous Integration, Docker, Virtualisation) or processes (agile, TDD, BDD)
  • Quality aspects other than dynamic testing (reviews, static test techniques, workflows, source code analysis)


We (the Project Quality Day Program Committee) can’t wait to see your submissions, and we’re looking forward to an excellent day with you!



You are invited to submit!

EclipseCon Europe 2016 logoI am happy to announce that the Call for Papers is out and submissions are open. I invite the community, including all users and adopters to submit talks to contribute to a great program!

This EclipseCon is special to me, as I was given the great honor of chairing the program committee. It is our responsibility to select the best among great submissions - not an easy task. As a first step, we were formulating the call for papers, through which we describe the kind of content we would like to see submitted. I would like to share some insights and thoughts about the tracks we finally agreed upon.

First of all, as the new Java version is going to be released at the end of this year, we added a “Java 9” track. We previously had a track for Java 8 and it was impressive how much interesting content the community produced. The Eclipse ecosystem consists of leading Java experts and developers who even built compilers and tooling for the new language. Therefore, we expect EclipseCon to be a great place to learn about Java 9 and encourage you to submit.

Second, we have split the existing category “Eclipse Technology”. Last year, this category contained a lot of topics - from the IDE including tools such as EGit and Mylyn, to runtime technologies such as the Platform, Equinox and RAP. Addressing the great diversity of the Eclipse ecosystem, and based on a user survey, we have split the category into two: “Tools, IDE & DevOps” and “Eclipse Technology”. The first track is now explicitly about development tools and related topics, the second track will focus on runtime technologies including RCP and the Eclipse 4 Application Platform itself. Of course, there is always some overlap, but we thought it was time to reflect that Eclipse is much more than an IDE in the conference tracks.

Finally, we have extended the “Web and Cloud Development” track with “Operations”, reflecting this essential aspect of any cloud-based project.

If you submit before June 30, you have a chance to be an early selection and receive early, additional promotion for your talk and your technology story. So be sure to submit early.  I am already looking forward to reading your submissions!

Share your conference ideas and submit a talk

Visit the Program Committee page and meet the PC. You'll see some familiar faces from previous years and some first time members. The EclipseCon Europe program committee is an independent committee and open to your ideas. They'll be reaching out to you over the next weeks and look forward to your ideas and feedback!

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