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Keynote Update

The keynote, “Oh No! Visual Studio Code - Yet Another Development Tool by Erich Gamma, Microsoft will be given by Dirk Baeumer, Microsoft. A word from Erich:

I am very disappointed that recent circumstances don’t allow me to be at EclipseCon Europe this year. I still look back with pride on my time working on Eclipse. I was looking forward to participating at an EclipseCon conference and to meeting the community again. I'm really happy that Dirk Baeumer from my team can jump in for me. Dirk spent the entire journey from Eclipse to VisualStudio code with me, so he has all the insights. I am still looking forward to future opportunities to exchange with you. In the meantime, have a great conference!

Erich Gamma

Speaker Pitches

  • Managing a large project environment with Jenkins, Gerrit and Brain by Ralf Mollik
  • RCP 4.x migration - Highlights and Pitfalls (Lessons Learned) by Philip Wenig
  • Succeed with Eclipse: Large Scale by Markus Duft
  • Non-negotiable usability by Nathalie Cotte
  • It's Beautiful enRoute by Paul Fraser
  • Model to Model - Transforming the legacy by Johannes Jeising
  • ABAP Development Tools – Bringing a server-based programming model to Eclipse by Matthias Becker
  • Context-driven agile - from outsourcing to startup world by Dragan Spiridonov

Sponsor Testimonial: Obeo

Obeo's mission is to help engineers efficiently collaborate on the design of smart products for both IT and industry and EclipseCon Europe is the perfect place to share about this goal! As I use to say (and feel!) the Eclipse family is ours. As family members, we are looking forward to family meetings such as EclipseCon EU where, once again, the Obeo team will be deeply involved with 5 talks, 1 tutorial, and a booth.

Of course, we are excited to present and get your feedback on new features in Eclipse Sirius. Meet us at our booth to get a demo. And if you rather want to try Sirius by yourself (and create a graphical modeling editor for a robot), enjoy our tutorial.

Since at Obeo, we like being serious with a little touch of fun, we will also bring our robots to the EclipseCon IoT Playground: come to play with them and try to win the fight!

At EclipseCon EU speakers and attendees come with a lot of new ideas and initiatives… for sure, 2016 will be an exciting edition. May these family moments keep going for a long time!

Powering a Live Escape Game with ECF & e(fx)clipse

by Christoph Keimel

My talk about Powering a Live Escape Game with ECF & e(fx)clipse got selected as an early bird for the EclipseCon Europe 2016! I’m very excited about this.

Actually, this whole thing got started exactly two years ago at the EclipseCon Europe 2014. I was there to learn about new technologies in my area of work as an RCP/JavaEE engineer and I remember that I had some free time in my schedule and I stumbled over a talk by Wim Jongman How to cook an egg with the Eclipse Communication Framework and Nebula. That sounded like fun, so I went and had a look. I was immediately and completely hooked and I ordered my first Raspberry Pi on my phone the same day. What really caught my interest was that the components could use ECF to remotely talk to each other without needing a server! And even better: With ECF discovery they would be able to find each other dynamically!! And all of that by simply coding OSGi services!!!

As soon I got home I started playing with this stuff but soon got bored because I didn’t have a real world project to work on. Around that time one of my oldest friends, Mike Kleist, built his first Live Escape Game in Interlaken, Switzerland: The Secret of the Captain. If you have never played a live escape game you should definitely check it out. It is a lot of fun! It’s played live (meaning you have to be physically present). You will be locked in a mysterious room full of puzzles, riddles, keys and locks where logic and creativity are the tools you need to escape.

Mike wanted to build another game in Munich and we started to talk about how we could create a technically enhanced version of this concept with lasers, hidden doors and a “bomb disarming simulation” you need to solve by cutting the right cables just like 007 in the movies. Mike had lots of ideas how to use this new technology for his game so we started to get to work. There would be multiple gadgets with different sensors and actors and there would also be an application to show the status of the game to the players.

Prototype of the bomb disarming simulation

Now, when you are dealing with any kind of creative process you really need to be agile. You literally need to be able to change the software sitting on the floor with your laptop two hours past midnight while the paint on the walls is still getting applied and the first players are scheduled to arrive in the morning. Using the ECF implementation of OSGi remote services proved to be the perfect technology for this task and during my talk I will demonstrate why.

Mike also wanted to have a display to show the status of the “bomb disarming simulation” to the players. Of course this should look really cool und make use of animations and sound effects. Using JavaFX as the UI technology for this task is pretty much a no-brainer because you get all of this out of the box and you even get a visual designer (Scene Builder) to create the look of the UI together with your artist. Now all I needed to do was to get this to work together with ECF, with proved to be equally easy using e(fx)clipse since they are both based on OSGi.

You need to solve all the riddles before the time is up!

And because everything worked together so beautifully, we also created a e4 application for the operator of the game, so he can see the status of all the sensors and actors and check that everything is working as it should. And of course the operator can remote control all the actors in the event of something not working as it should, for example if a sensor fails or a message gets lost in the network or whatever.

Game operator application

Et voilà! A new live escape game was born: The Missing Agent.

I want to take this opportunity to thank
Wim Jongman for the inspiration
Scott Lewis (ECF project lead) for the great support on the ecf mailing list
– and Tom Schindl (efxclipse project lead) for his equaly great support on the e(fx)clipse forum.

It’s people like this who make open source development so great and so much fun!
Hope to see you all at the EclipseCon Europe 2016!

Everything IoT @ EclipseCon Europe

By Roxanne Joncas

We are excited about all of the Internet of Things (IoT) related events happening at EclipseCon Europe this year! Here are some of the highlights.

To start off the week, attend the IoT Working Group Meeting on Monday, October 24. It is the perfect opportunity to meet members of the Eclipse IoT community and other IoT enthusiasts. Join us and share your thoughts on the requirements for building an open Internet of Things.IoT Day logo

On Tuesday, plan to attend the IoT Day. This is your chance to explore the different aspects of IoT technology and understand how to get started building IoT solutions. The line-up of speakers promises a day filled with talks that will both inform and get those ideas moving! A big thank you to IncQuery Labs for sponsoring the IoT Day.

On Wednesday, start your day by attending the keynote at 9:00 OSGi/Java in Industrial IoT: More than a Solid Trend — Essential to Scale into the World of Internet-Connected Things presented by Robert Andres, Eurotech, and Walter Hofmann, Hitachi High Technologies. Then, set some time aside in the afternoon to play at the IoT Playground! Be sure to also scan the session schedule for other IoT related talks.

See you there!

Join us at the CDT Summit at EclipseCon Europe!

by Tracy Miranda

The C/C++ development tools (CDT) project is one of the longest-running projects in the Eclipse ecosystem. It is the first open source project I was ever involved in and I have been able to see firsthand how it has driven innovation in hardware and the embedded space (which is now quickly becoming the Internet of Things space).

CDT is also one of the most open projects at Eclipse, with a variety of different companies collaborating on its many features. The list of companies involved includes Ericsson, QNX, Google, Intel, Redhat, Renesas, my company Kichwa Coders and many more. With many different individuals at different companies working together, a little face-to-face collaboration goes a long, long way. That is one of the reasons we are holding a CDT Summit at this year's Eclipsecon Europe.  This will the very first CDT summit held in Europe all earlier ones being held in North America. Each one I managed to attend would always be really valuable and have its memorable moments.

We will be discussing all the hot topics in CDT: cmake, multicore breakpoints, containers and future plans.  We will also have an opportunity to showcase CDT implementations and usecases, including seeing how CDT is being used by the Polarsys Rover project. (In fact if we ask very, very nicely maybe we can get a Rover to keep - it could be like the CDT mascot or something?)

The CDT summit is also a great place for CDT extenders to get any help with issues or strategies for upcoming features.  On the whole it is a great way to get more involved with this great community and gain mutual benefits.

To top it all off, Renesas will be sponsoring an evening CDT dinner.This will be a great way to round off the summit, keep the conversations going and share some food and drinks with fellow-CDT folks. Many thanks to Renesas for sponsoring the event.

After the CDT summit, we will have the main EclipseCon Europe event, which will also feature some great CDT talks from CDT committers:

We have space for around 20 attendees at the CDT summit. To secure your place at the summit and for further information please see the CDT Summit page and Wiki. CDT developers, extenders, users and even just the CDT-curious are all welcome to join the CDT summit in Ludwigsburg, and better yet, stay for the whole conference. 

Hope to see you there!

CDT Logo

Join us at the 2016 Project Quality Day!


by Alexandra Schladebeck

Wednesday at Eclipse Con Europe is Quality Day! Over at the FMZ building, we have a day full of talks dedicated to testing and quality, held by testers and developers from the Eclipse and the testing communities. Here's a preview of what's in store.

As in the previous two years, we’ve aimed for a mix of talks. We have some very closely related to Eclipse:

Then there are talks on tooling for quality:

Talks about strategies for testing:

And we have a talk that will let us see a different aspect of quality:

This year I’m especially pleased to have a SpeakEasy speaker at the Project Quality Day. Dragan Spiridonov will be talking about his experiences in testing in different agile projects, and I hope you’ll join me in welcoming him as a first time speaker at Eclipse Con Europe.

This is the third year of the Project Quality Day, and we once again could not be organizing it without the help of sponsors and media partners. This year, our exhibitor sponsors are BREDEX GmbH, SQS, Diaz & Hilterscheid and Testfabrik.  Klaros Test Management is supporting the day, and we are very grateful to our media partners ASQF, Ministry of Testing and Women Testers for spreading the word in their communities.

Looking at the program, I’d say there is something for everyone to learn from. I encourage and invite you to make the small journey across the square to the FMZ rooms – you won’t regret it!

Alexandra Schladebeck


Meet & Greet

Whether this is your first time – or your eleventh (!) time – at EclipseCon Europe, start the week off at the Meet & Greet.

  • Monday, 24 October, 18:00 - 19:00
  • Nestor Hotel bar
  • Look for the Meet & Greet banner, and get your badge ribbon and drink ticket

You'll need a badge for the badge ribbon! Monday registration hours are 16:00 - 17:30 at the Forum.

Get Onboard with the 2016 OSGi IoT Demo

The OSGi Alliance is back again this year with its IoT demo built around a LEGO® train track. With an expanding demo ecosystem of organisations and OSGi software vendors and hardware manufacturers, the 2015 demo has evolved and been extended. Thanks to the modularity provided by OSGi it has been simple to reuse and enhance the OSGi enRoute based core software from last year.

New features for 2016 see a focus on audience participation in the demo at the conference. Last year’s train and track management software has been complemented by a new ticketing and route-planning engine engineered by iMinds. This has enabled the introduction of stations and virtual passengers to the demo. Visit the stand to see how you can get involved and become a virtual passenger in the demo, using RFID tags communicating via MQTT to indicate when you are getting on and off the train at different stations around the track.

The inclusion of Eclipse Kura, along with gateways from Bosch Software Innovations, Eurotech and Makewave, will offer even more opportunities for you to interact with OSGi enabled sensors and see how the power of OSGi can be brought to life for IoT. Whatever you do, don't open the train door or pull the emergency brake while the train is moving! The consequences can be dire, but we promise that — unlike if you were on a real train — you won’t have to pay a fine if you do either of these.

Underpinning all of this is an OSGi based federated distributed cloud platform from Paremus providing the hosting of MQTT brokers for integrating all of the sensor and event messaging and big data processing using Cassandra and Spark.

We hope you can “make tracks” to “steam” over and visit the OSGi 2016 IoT Demo “Express.” We promise not to make any more terrible puns when you visit us at the conference.

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