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banner  logo

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130 x 130

130 x 130 Generic

130 x 130  logo

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130 x 130 I'm Going

130x130 I'm Going logo

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130 x 130 I'm Speaking

130x130 I'm Speaking logo

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130 x 130 We're Sponsoring

130x130 We're Sponsoring logo

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138 x 38


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130 x 100

130x100 logo

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Block 300 x 250


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Horizontal 728 x 90

728x90 banner

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Vertical 160 x 600

160x600 banner

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Our Sponsors

For information about becoming a sponsor, please visit the EclipseCon Europe 2016 sponsor prospectus page.

Elite Dual ECE/OSGi CE



Project Quality Day

IoT Theme Day


EclipseCon Support Other Events

Our Other Events

Eclipse events are hosted all over the world!

  • EclipseCon Europe 2018