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IS2T, the fastest path to IoT markets. IS2T is a leading editor of cost-driven embedded middleware solutions for the smart digital world. With more than 15M€ of R&D investment, IS2T is focused on providing turnkey embedded software products to solve major business challenges: design-to-cost & fast go-to-market strategies. With already more than 1 million devices powered by IS2T flagship product, MicroEJ®, IS2T helps companies create flexible and future-proof connected objects, bring new user experiences, and find additional sources of revenue across the whole value-chain, from sensors data collection to cloud based-services.

MicroEJ® provides a secure software platform powered by an IP Core, to create embedded applications using the best out of multiple languages such as ASM/C/C++/Java. It is optimized for a wide range of devices, from resource-constrained industrial products, to connected consumer electronics, and Internet of Things devices, with a focus on: - User Interfaces for rich consumer experiences across many displays and hardware configurations, - Application stores for ecosystem creation, enabling dynamic download of applications, - Network connectivity for orchestrating Internet of Things devices with cloud-based services - Numerical processing for fast data computation - Sensor and actuator platforms for smart objects MicroEJ® tools are based on the Eclipse IDE which contributes to make the Eclipse community enter the fragmented sphere of complex embedded systems. IS2T experiences a strong and steady growth in a large variety of industries including home appliances, wearable technologies, communication devices, energy, automotive, medical, industrial control, metering, and building automation. Its powerful network of partners, from silicon vendors to experts on embedded systems, contributes to its global awareness.
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