Engineering Group

Tue, 2015-08-04 09:27

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Engineering Group is an IT global player and the leading Italian software and services company. Its integrated offering includes a comprehensive set of IT services covering all vertical markets, ranging from technology and strategy consultancy to design, outsourcing, development and deploy of projects based on open source and proprietary solutions. With about 7,400 specialists and 40 offices, Engineering Group has a well-established presence in Italy, Belgium, Republic of Serbia, Norway, South America (Brazil and Argentina) and the United States. It is founding member of OW2 Consortium, associate member of Eclipse Foundation and corporate sponsor of the Open Source Initiative.

Engineering Group’s Technical, Innovation & Research Division includes the Open Source Competency Center, which manages various initiatives, such as SpagoWorld. SpagoWorld leads four open source projects in the context of OW2 and two in Eclipse, and supports various initiatives, whose focus ranges from software architectures and services, to Location Intelligence and Big Data. 

The flagship project of the SpagoWorld initiative is SpagoBI, the only suite for Business Intelligence and Big Data analytics that is completely open source. Spago4Q - the SpagoBI analytical solution for quality in products, processes and services - enables enterprises and organizations to improve quality practices, enhance productivity and achieve higher maturity and capability levels through state-of-the-art technologies.