Eclipse Setup: can it be that easy?


You probably already know – and maybe love - Oomph by now, which is shipped with every Eclipse package since Mars. Oomph is the way to go when it comes to explicitly specifying complex Eclipse and Workspace setups manually. Once set up, Oomph takes care of all your Eclipse provisioning tasks for you.

Yatta Profiles is built on top of Oomph, adding new functionality. Using Yatta Profiles, you get a lightweight mechanism for exporting Eclipse and Workspace setups automatically from your running Eclipse. These setups can be reinstalled with a single click. Additionally, you can just as easily share them with anybody you want as an online Profile.

In my session I will talk about the new features that come with Yatta Profiles. You will not only see how to create and share Profiles. I will also introduce the follower concept of Profiles that turns Profiles into a powerful “social network” of Eclipse setups. Learn how to publish changes to followers who have installed your Profile, or how to create your own Profile on top of an existing one and still consume and republish any updates from it. Furthermore, I’ll present you how we realized the sharing of the entire Workspace Layout and all the Eclipse Preferences. Last but not least, you will learn about the Profiles Launcher - a central point for managing and launching all your Eclipse installations and workspaces.

If you ever wanted to have a one-click Eclipse rollout – come and see my talk.

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Thursday, November 5, 2015 - 13:30 to 14:05


Hi Achim,

We already open sourced the user experience and a lot of the UI of “Profiles” to the Eclipse Installer (by Oomph). Furthermore we work a lot together with Eike at Oomph regarding Profiles.

Two more things I didn’t mentioned explicitly at the abstract: I’ll show at my talk how we build an API to export and import the Workspace Layout. Furthermore I’ll present the concept behind sharing of Eclipse Preferences and what we did to realize it.


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Hi Frederic,
Anything new on the OSS status of the project? We are having a hard time giving you a slot for what currently is a "sales talk" while we deny this to other speakers.

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Hi Cedric,

We committed a lot the user experience and UI of Yatta Profiles to the Eclipse Installer from Oomph. That part is already Open Source. Furthermore we think about to open source Profiles for Eclipse in the near future - but that is not decided yet. Weather or not Profiles will be for free for everyone as soon as we have released (in the next 1 or 2 weeks).
For some more information about Profiles for Eclipse have a look at this link

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