What sponsors and attendees are saying about EclipseCon Europe

Tue, 2015-09-08 05:59

Etienne Juliot


EclipseCon Europe is an amazing event that we, at Obeo, haven't missed since 2007: it's definitively the place where so many essential Modeling technologies have emerged. That's why, two years ago, we had chosen to launch Sirius there. Read more

Jonas Helming

Jonas Helming

EclipseCon Europe is the place to be if you are in any way involved in Eclipse. It brings together users, adopters, contributors and committers at one event. Apart from excellent technical content, a great social program provides provides you with the opportunity to personally get to know people that you might have interacted with or heard about, in the context of the Eclipse ecosystem.

Brad Miklea


The EclipseCon shows are one of our must-have event targets each year. Codenvy's goal is to expose Eclipse Che's powerful developer workspaces and cloud IDE to technical audiences across the globe. EclipseCon always draws an engaged group of developers from the open source community and enterprises alike, and we've seen some of our biggest opportunities driven and fueled by our presence here. Read more

Christian Ponteseger

Christian Ponteseger

If this is your first EclipseCon you will be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of interesting talks and tutorials. ... But while the technical tracks are already awesome, to me EclipseCon is all about community. All the people you might know from the forum, blogs or stackoverflow are there and they are eager to hear your personal Eclipse story. Read more

Matthias Zimmermann


In addition to meeting interesting people, learning new things and get inspired by great keynotes at EclipseCon Europe, Ludwigsburg is special for us. This is the place where we first presented the Scout framework to the Eclipse Foundation, where we met our first external adopters and got to know our first contributors.   Read more

Manuel Bork

Yatta Solutions

Eclipse has always been more than just a Java IDE. It's a thriving software platform with more than 250 projects - for modeling technologies, RCP and web, Automotive, IoT, and many more. It's a vendor community with more than 240 member companies working together and an open-source community with more than 1500 committers world-wide. And EclipseCon is the place to get all this together. Read more

Marcel Bruch

Marcel Bruch

Eclipsecon Europe is, no doubt, the leading conference to learn about Eclipse Technology - no matter whether you are developing Eclipse RCP applications, doing IOT, or building scalable backend systems based on OSGI. Excellent content and passionate speakers make this conference a great place to be and the program offers a plenty of opportunities to get in touch with the experts from all these domains...  Read more

Fred Rivard, PhD


MicroEJ (formerly IS2T) attended and sponsored EclipseCon Europe and France, in order to support Eclipse initiatives and promote IoT projects. MicroEJ is a long-time Eclipse IDE user and developer, delivering the Eclipse IDE extended with a set of plugins in the MicroEJ SDK for embedded software developers. Supporting our IoT offerings, we are contributing to Eclipse open source efforts for building an open and interoperable IoT through the IoT Working Group. EclipseCon allowed us to get in touch with both tech leaders and a large community. Indeed, EclipseCon is the place to be to meet with the IoT community, and to exchange on innovative ideas and projects.