The fight over committing IDE meta files: misconceptions, misunderstandings, and solutions


Should the meta files related to an IDE be committed?

There is a never-ending fight over this question. I'm sure that most advanced Eclipse users would immediately answer with an obvious YES!

But what about non-Eclipse users? Why is it that they often don’t want to commit meta files? What can we do to convince them to? What can we, as advanced Eclipse users, do differently? And is there something we can we do with our beloved Eclipse IDE?

This talk is based on my own experience of several years working with a team that has included Eclipse, IntelliJ, other IDE users, and even non-IDE-users.

I will share misconceptions often held by non-Eclipse users, and also some of those held by Eclipse users (yes, including me) which will help to illustrate where there are barriers and misunderstandings on both sides.

And better yet - I will propose solutions to find a path to peace.


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